[Sharing] Have a look at Super Junior's 5th album Mr Simple!

I know i am late,but hopefully not to late to share some photos of Mr Simple here.

I have just received the album earlier today,i already expected the album to be huge,but it is so much larger that the size i imagined.I got maknae Kyuhyun's version.

A total of 12 tracks are included in this album + a bonus track which is Super Junior M's perfection.

Tracklist of Mr Simple
1. Mr. Simple
2. 오페라(Opera)
3. 라라라라(Be My Girl)
4. Walkin'
5. 폭풍(Storm)
6. 어느새 우리 (Good Friends) 
7.Feels Good
8. 기억을 따라(Memories)
9. 해바라기(Sunflower)
10. 엉뚱한상상
11. Y
12. My Love My Kiss My Heart
13.[Bounce Track]Perfection

Top 5 reasons why you should buy this album:
1.)It is amazingly huge,the largest album i have ever seen.
2.)13 quality tracks.
3.)Remarkable design.
4.)Cool photocards of every member.
5.)Lee Teuk and HeeChul's final album before enlisted in the army,we will have to wait for 2 years for their comeback.

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