[DKP Exclusive/Info/Pictures] Annyeong Seoul Fair in Singapore

Today is the first day of the Annyeong Seoul Fair organised by the Korea Tourism Organization. It is held from today onwards at Bukit Panjang Plaza till this Sunday, and our Dkpopnews's author Wei Ting will be bringing to you some information and pictures about the fair.

First of all, Alpha Entertainment have set up a booth at the fair to sell Alpha Membership and Miss A Showcase tickets. Getting a ticket myself for today afternoon, it is safe to say that the queue is not very long, and if you hurry you might very well get a Cat A or a Cat B ticket. Alas, this booth definitely does not take up the whole auditorium, as it's a fair, it is useless to say that many things are on sale at affordable prices!

Out of the many stuffs on sale, there are useful books on learning to read, write, speak or listen to Korean! Limited music albums are also sold at $20 or less (e.g. Super Junior's Mr. Simple Ver A, B1A4's Let's Fly; 2NE1's Ugly).

Besides these, they also have available Sasa make-up and skincare products and Tony Moly make-up products (or you can just go there to give the life-sized and pretty cardboard Song Joongki a poke). Cooking books on how to cook Korean food as well as books about Korean culture are also available. For those who enjoy eating, Cake Over Heels as well Joomak will be selling great cakes and Korean food respectively.

If you happen to have the time to drop by during the weekend at Annyeong Seoul Fair, you definitely should! Make-up tips, beauty tips, as well as a K-POP dance performance will be up for the first half of Saturday and Sunday. For more information, do visit Annyeong Seoul Fair's website: http://annyeongseoul.com/.

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Wei Ting@dkpopnews.net
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Pictures taken at Annyeong Seoul Fair, Bukit Panjang Plaza on 22nd of August by me.