[News] ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun has good manners

ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun had a date with actress Han Geu Ru.

Channel CGV’s TV Movie trilogy, A Girl K, shot Kim Dong Jun and Han Geu Ru’s dating scene.

In the show, Kim Dong Jun plays the handsome Go Young Min, who falls in love with Han Geu Ru at first sight and tries to get her to notice him.

In the behind the scenes picture, Kim Dong Jun and Han Geu Ru are at an amusement park in Wolmi-do, ridding a ride called ‘Disco pang pang’. Han Geu Ru’s skirt was flying up because of the ride, so Kim Dong Jun put one of his legs on her lap to fix her skirt. He was shy after the ride.

People responded, “Those two look good together,” “Kim Dong Jun has good manners,” “Han Geu Ru must have saved a country in her past life, she is a lucky girl.”

Meanwhile, the show, A Girl K‘s first episode will air on August 27. The show is about a girl, Cha Yeon Jin (played by Han Geu Ru) who becomes a killer to revenge her mom.

Source: Newsen from Nate

Translated by dkrogers@KOREA.COM