[News] YoonA, SNSD’s top ‘Shikshin’

YoonA was given the title of “Shikshin” (Food God) in contrary to her small face and slim body. Nonetheless, people around her and even herself acknowledged it.

Recently, pictures of Yoona eating with huge appetite were published on an online community. These pictures, showing Yoona opening her mouth its maximum width and feeding herself spoonful of rice were taken from TV programmes and dramas.

Actress Kim MinHee once revealed on a variety show, “I met Yoona, Sooyoung and others at a restaurant. I found them really pretty when they first came up to me and greeted me. So I treated them to a meal. All 4 of them ate pork belly and when the bill came, it cost 210,000 won (about US$195)”.

Yoona is then deservingly selected as the greatest ‘Shikshin’ among SNSD members. In response to this, Yoona confessed, “When I was at home and saw cereal during meal time, I told myself that I must eat another meal before eating that”.

Credit: tvreport.co.kr
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com