[News] Woori, Yoon Doojoon's 'Kiss+Bathtub scene' cheap couple pictorial backstory revealed

Model and talent, Woori, Yoon Doojoon's group BEAST in the cheap couple pictorial, told us the back story.

In recent recording of SBS Strong Heart with Woori and it was a big topic on the internet last year, the couple pictorials of Yoon Doojoon intricate shooting, Woori unveils it's behind story.

The pictorials with Woori and Yoon Doojoon's kiss cut, Woori upper body nude in the bathtub scene, such unconventional concept would have been a big topic once released to the public.

Woori said 'The first time meeting Yoon Doojoon-ssi it was awkward to say anything, just doing the kiss scene, followed by the bathtub' and said it was hard to believe as the photo shoot receives an episode of a blowing attention.

Woori will reveal more of the story of the photo shoot on the 2nd, through the broadcast of 'Strong Heart' at 11.15PM.