[NEWS] U-ie Sleeps Three Hours a Day + Too Busy for a Love Life

U-ie recently sat down with a reporter from Sports Chosun and held a long interview on After School’s promotions, being the daughter of a famous coach, the upcoming drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” along with “Birdie Buddy” and her life in general.

This interview was conducted in Pledis Boss Coffee shop and even though she was being interviewed U-ie turned into a gracious host. She delighted the reporter when she turned into a barista and using the complicated looking coffee machine made them a tasty american styled coffee.
Being a popular idol U-ie is constantly busy starring in dramas, CF’s and endorsing various products along with After School’s activities in both Korea and Japan. Because of this it’s no surprise the way she manages to coordinate all her time in the spotlight came up. When asked about her schedule U-ie stated, “…These days I only sleep three hours a day…”. She continued by saying she has a lot of energy which explains how she is able to remain so energetic and happy. Because of her passion for acting U-ie is willing to lose sleep in order to film the upcoming drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” which will start to air on August 6th.

With a famous coach for a father U-ie is lucky since the sports and entertainment industry are similar she receives valuable advice from her dad. While talking about her father U-ie mentioned how he encourages her to work hard at every opportunity that comes her way. The sweet side of the coach was revealed by U-ie who expressed he becomes a doting father that makes ginger tea when she has a sore throat.

Since U-ie has many male fans she was also asked about her love life. U-ie didn’t break any hearts as she revealed she doesn’t have the opportunity to meet anyone special because she is currently too busy.

Source: Chosun + Chosun + Chosun Blurb: ASD
Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @as-afterparty