[NEWS] U-ie Discusses Her Role Model, Criticism and Graduating After School

U-ie had an hour long interview with the Daily Star. In it she talked about her role model, her drama roles and being a member of After School.

Currently in a ‘golden age’ where there are a combination of active actors and singers U-ie is getting a lot of attention for her talents as an all around entertainer. When asked about role models U-ie quickly cited Uhm Jung-Hwa the singer and actress without any hesitation. U-ie stated that, “Uhm Jung-Hwa Unni (senior) has a variety of images…“. Uhm Jung-Hwa has been able to have a long and successful career as both a singer and an actress and U-ie is hoping to follow in her footsteps. While U-ie spoke of Uhm Jung-Hwa her eyes shone and the reporter was able to see her sincerity and tell how big a fan she is.

Since working on the set of ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ U-ie has been receiving a lot of helpful tips from her seniors. Though it is “still very hard to accept criticism…” it has helped U-ie become a better actress and made her stronger. U-ie revealed she feels a little pressure that her two dramas ‘Birdie Buddy’ and ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’ will be on television at the same time. But, since the two characters she plays have a “180-degree difference“, U-ie is confident viewers will respond well to both shows.

Promoting with After School along with her individual activities takes a lot of time and energy.

When U-ie was asked if she would rather focus on her passion which is acting instead of singing she replied that being “on the stage…it’s just a happy pleasure I could not give up“.

Even though After School has a ‘Graduation’ concept when prompted U-ie firmly stated, ”I never want to” in regards to leaving the group. U-ie has a strong attachment to the group and revealed she had been offered a chance to be an actress being debuting in After School. U-ei lovingly said, “I was offered the chance to be an actress before my debut, I took the opportunity to be a member of After School“. This chance to be in the group was seized by U-ie because she sincerely felt it was the right choice in her heart.

Since her debut in After School, U-ie has been working long and hard without a pause. When she was asked if she regretted not being able to fully experience life as a regular college student U-ie who attends Sungkyunkwan University replied that her studies are very important but she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of having a successful entertainment career.

Because of this she will attend college while still remaining active as a singer and actress though she recognizes she “still has a long way to go” and enthusiastically mentioned she wants to finish school in her twenties while laughing.

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