[News] “There’s A Possibility That TVXQ Will Come Back As Five Next Year?” Says The Japanese Media

An article stating that there is a possibility that TVXQ will come back as five has surfaced in Japan. Though it doesn’t base itself on accurate facts, the article is garnering much attention from Japanese fans as TVXQ are extremely popular in the country.

The Japanese weekly magazine ‘Shukan Post’ recently incorporated an article of the celebrity gossip magazine ‘Women 7′ to report that, “There are movements that lead to a comeback by TVXQ as five next year in Korea.”

The magazine stated that Kim Jaejoong’s tweet on the 26th of July that said, ” I don’t know if I can say this or not.. but I miss Yunho and Changmin too..” adds weight to the possibility that the five will get back together again.

The article gave the analysis that though the members have split into a duo and a trio since halting all activities as five last April, there has been and always will be a possibility that they can get back together because the friendship amongst the members still exists.

They then continued their stance that the five could come back as five, using the words of a journalist residing in Korea as evidence. This journalist stated,“Actually, there have been rumors emerging that TVXQ will make a comeback as five next year in Korea. I believe that the K-POP boom that TVXQ helped grow will now help TVXQ get back together again as five.”

The article gained much interest from Japanese fans as soon as it was released and was ranked the most read article on the 17th on Shukan Post’s website.

However, it unfortunately seems that there isn’t much of a possibility that TVXQ will get back together again soon.

Emphasizing that this wasn’t an official statement, TVXQ’s agency SM Town stated, “We are left speechless and unable to give an answer to this article as it merely deals with the rumor that TVXQ will get back together again with no true facts to use as evidence. Also, as we are currently locked in a lawsuit, we are not in the position to say anything about TVXQ’s reunification,” and “We were surprised to see that such rumors of reunification have come out in Japan when there hasn’t been a single rumor like it in Korea.

Source: [kuki news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net