[News] Super Junior Heechul's last week of Mr. Simple Promotions

This week will be the last week for Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to be doing promotional work for ‘Mr Simple’.

It has already been known that due to military enlistment Super Junior’s two members, Kim Heechul and Leeteuk, would not be able to do ‘Mr Simple’s activities for a long time. Recently, SM-E stated, “Due to Kim Heechul’s enlistment, this will be the last week for Mr. Simple promotions.”

Heechul told his fans, “I’m very grateful to fans for loving me in the past 6 years. But, I will not ask you to wait for me. Instead, for those who love me, please support me again after I come back and start the new activities.”

Heechul’s military enlistment shows his loyality towards his country.  Other SJ members are very proud of his decision.

Heechul described his feeling for his band mates saying, “I am also very thankful to SJ members. They told and wrote me a direct letter saying, “Hyung, it can’t be if it’s not you (without you).” I’m so thankful they let me know about that.” He jokingly added, “Despite the fact that I will be absent, I still believe that they (meant SJ members)  would have a good lead.”

Moreover, Heechul said that he will take four week training from Nohn San. Afterwards, he will work as a public service employee at Sung Dong District. He said that due to his back injury he will work as a public service employee instead of serving in the army.

Credits: babittangkoma via East Sea.
Written by: alia / Associate Writer @ Korea.com