[News] Soshi makes their way into Japanese textbooks!

We are used to seeing Soshi on commercials, newspapers, magazines, beverages, etc but textbooks? This has got to be a first!

And yes, amazingly, SNSD made their way into a Japanese textbook!

Recently, on Daum Telzone and other entertainment forums, pictures of SNSD on a Japanese textbook were revealed. In the textbook, SNSD was introduced in Japanese, as well as English, in a chapter entitled ‘Kpop Stars Take On The World’.

The text within this particular chapter stated, “Fans are attracted to their perfect performances” and “Some of the songs are popular not only in Korea but also in Japan as well” as part of its contents. On top of the text is the picture of Korea’s leading artistes, SNSD.

Netizens who saw the captures gave a hot reaction as they commented, “Indeed SNSD”, “In Japan too the So Nyeos seem to be the most popular”, “Total domination”, etc.

Credit: sportschosun.com

Translated by fanwonder.com