Recently, Teen Top and Dal★shabet are at the center of attention among “idol” groups.

Teen Top debuted last year in July with “Clap” and attracted attention with its singing skills and great performances despite of its average age of members, which is only 17. Dal★shabet debuted in January with songs by great producer, E-tribe, and is known as the most active girl group.

Lately, Teen Top marked 400th day since its debut.

As the youngest “idol” group ever, Teen Top became a hot topic when it debuted. Its members are still young, but those who saw the group’s performance say in one voice that they have great singing skills and give outstanding performances for their age.

So far, Teen Top released “Clap,” “Supa Luv,” and “No More Perfume On You” with refreshing and fun performances.

Now we are becoming more comfortable on the stage. We even tend to enjoy it. We think that performances reflect efforts behind them. We try to give everything we’ve got on stage,” says Teen Top.

The cheerful pop song “No More Perfume On You” tells a story of a teenager boy, who has a girlfriend, dating older woman. The song is about a bad guy who has romance over dating older and more fashionable young woman. As we are teenagers, we could easily get into the song.

Actress Park Si Yeon featured in the music video of “No More Perfume On You” as the “older woman” character. Chun.G played the male leading character that falls for older woman, but he could not even make an eye contact with Park because he was embarrassed. But Park led a comfortable atmosphere and the shooting went well. Members showed their gratitude by giving her a perfume, which is contradictory to the title of their song.

Teen Top also said that they like Miss A which is known for its powerful performances and restrained dance moves. “We love their songs and dances. We were so glad when Miss A said that they wanted to perform with us.”

Unfortunately, Teen Top has a rival group that has similar debut date: Infinite. Infinite gives out outstanding performances and shows off great singing skills. Some say, “I get confused with Teen Top and Infinite,” and Teen Top reply, “We should give more effort!

Source: Sportsseoul from Nate
Translation: hannacha@korean.com