[NEWS] So Young Chosen as an MC for ‘Super APP KOREA’

After School Graduate So Young has a new job as an MC!

Fans of So Young will now be able to see her not only in the drama ‘The Women of Our Home’ but also on the upcoming show ‘Super App Korea’ which will air every Thursday.

Created by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism this show will follow hopeful developers quest to create the most popular and profitable phone apps.
After the success of the ‘Angry Birds’ game app companies are looking to find the best developers to create the next popular app.

So Young will help examine the participants creations and will also be a source of encouragement.
his show will nurture hidden app developers by putting them in groups and having them engage in fierce competition that is sure to entice viewers.

There is an 80 million won prize - ‘Super App Korea’ will air for the first time on August 11th.

Source: Kidd
Trans: AfterSchoolDaze
Shared + Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ as-afterparty