[News] SJ's Bonamana ends it's 62weeks in Taiwan's KKBox chart, new song reigns?

Super Junior fans or even SJ themselves are amazed for keeping Bonamana in Taiwan's KKBox chart for 62 consecutive weeks on No. 1 spot.

But now, say goodbye to Bonamana, because a new single has taken it's tight hold in no. 1 spot in the said chart.

Wondering who beats it? None other than SJ's Mr. Simple!

Super Junior's new song Mr. Simple cut their own record in Taiwan's KKbox chart for having it landed on number 1.

Expectations are rising if "how long" Mr. Simple will be on No. 1
Fans commented, "SJ rules Taiwan's chart!" , "We will surpass Bonamana record!"

Written by shaynekay@dkpopnews.net