[NEWS] SG Wannabe holds a phenomenal concert in Japan

On August 19 to 20, SG Wannabe held a concert SG Wannabe 2001 2nd Concert — Road in Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo.

To celebrate the release of part two of their seventh album, they sang their new songs, such as, “Song to Confess to You,” “If I Could Love Again,” “Arirang,” “While You Live,” “Partner for Life,” and “One Fine Spring” sung by Lee Seok Hoon in TV series Flames of Desire. Fans’ responses were exuberant.

After the concert, Lee Seok Hoon said, “I hope that everyone had a good time in our concert today.” Kim Jin Ho added, “I thank people for sharing time with us.” Lead vocal Kim Yong Jun said, “I was moved by my fans responses.”

SG Wannabe plan to hold another concert in Kobe International Exhibition Hall on August 22.

Source: Yahoo
Translation: pretzyc2h@korea.com