[News] The Reason Behind The Re-recording Of “I Will Protect You”?

The broadcast of the first episode of “Protect the Boss” together with the news of Kim JaeJoong’s (acting as Cha Mu-won in the drama) participation in the OST has caused an uproar from the fans.

JYJ member Kim JaeJoong composed and wrote the lyrics for “Protect the Boss OST Part 3”, and the track was introduced in the third episode of the drama. At midnight, music sites such as Melon, Dosirak, Bugs Music, Naver, and Daum uploaded the track and it was made available for purchase.

Regarding the OST track for “Protect the Boss”, the producers mentioned, “Through the OST recording, we once again confirmed the professional side of Kim JaeJoong.”

Although the producers were very satisfied with the recording of “I Will Protect You”, Kim JaeJoong, despite under mental and physical exhaustion due to the filming of the TV series proposed, "I’m not pleased still. Can I give it another try?”

Thus, “I Will Protect You” was born with a higher degree of completion. Kim JaeJoong is indeed one of the members from the vocal group JYJ who placed much effort for the OST, showing the best side to the audiences. The producers gave him a round of applause for his devotion.

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