[News] A peculiar relationship between Heechul and Jung Jae Hyung: “God and phantom”

The two biggest stars in Korea meet: Super Junior’s Heechul and Jung Jae Hyung.

On August 14, Heechul shares a picture on Twitter, with words, “God of music Jung Jae Hyung and the evil phantom Heechul, who sits on god’s head.”

In the picture, Heechul and Jung are sitting side by side, wearing similar hairstyles. Fans smiled at seeing both of them making same blank faces at the camera. It is interesting to see that Heechul describes Jung as a god of music and expressing himself to be an evil phantom who haunts the god.

It especially surprised many people to see them hanging out together, because although both of them are famous celebrities, they were not expected to be friends.

Netizens left comments like: “I didn’t know that Heechul and Jung Jae Hyung are friends. Their relationship is rather peculiar,” “Is this a meeting between a god and a phantom?” “It’s funny because the two of them are wearing similar hairstyles and expressions. Heechul leads Jung Jae Hyung.”

Source: Sportschosun from Nate

Translated by pretzyc2h@korea.com