[News] Park Siyeon first impression about Teen Top ''I can't make an eye contact with them''

Music video's behind the story of Teen Top together with actress Park Si Yeon has been revealed.

Teen Top 1st mini album's title track "No More Perfume On You" music video stared actress Park Si Yeon. Hereafter in an interview episode with senior noona actress Park Si Yeon, Teen Top was asked and answered "In the meantime, we had to act cool and talk each other though we were to shy because it was our first meeting" they said.

Then they continued "But, when the shooting started, she (senior actress Park Si Yeon) was looked really into the lyric, it can be seen in her eyes which just changed like professional senior. I started to get better little by little and the awkward just left when the shooting went to the ending" he said after thinking for a while.

Park Si Yeon 1st impression about Teen Top "Dance, I thought their dance performance was so cool and in fact, they're boys of the same cool image" she said.

Netizens commented "Although the differences ages with Teen Top's maknae is 16 years old, I still envy you", "Teen Top's music video was the newly learned though of Park Si Yeon's rediscovery", "They are adorable shyness, so different with the appearance" and etc/

Source Newsen via mel0n
Translated by fighting0501@6teensontop.com