[News] Park Jung Min stepped on the red carpet with Taiwan top Actors

Park Jung Min, who is now staying in Taiwan for his Taiwan drama, stepped on the red carpet of a movie’s premiere.

Gathering Taiwan representative stars and media, the movie ‘Your’re the Apple of my Eye’ brought audience with a feeling of ‘You won’t feel tired even you watch it a lot’. It was aimed to have 20 million revenue in Taiwan Dollar from the beginning and it was expected to take the No.1 in pre-sale chart.

On the VIP premiere of this movie, besides the mother of Taiwan dramas Angie Chai (CEO of Comic Ritz) and Sony Music Asia’s CEO ChoeJeonDong, the director, actors, Taiwan’s famous singer and MC Harim and Asia famous star ImJirYeong etc. had also participated in the event and made this event full of celebrity.

To Park Jung Min who had participated in this event, he received a lot of love calls for movies in the Great China area from movie related personnels. So he had been developing from Japan to the Great China area and this proved the popularity of Korean Star.

The most eye-catching thing is Park Jung Min could speak fluent Chinese on the stage alone without translation. His agency CNR Media said that on the celebration stage, Rainie Yang praised Park Jung Min, “It is the second time since I met Park Jung Min. Comparing with the first time we met, his ability in Chinese has raised a lot.”. While Park Jung Min stepped on the red carpet with Rainie Yang, they got a huge applause.

On the other hand, Park Jung Min had released the OST for KBS 2TV ‘Princess’s Man’ recently.

Source: osen
Chinese translation: ÇÇ¿À³ª@PJM IFC (http://www.park-jung-min.com)
English translation: kahye95.wordpress.com