[NEWS] Oricon List Ranks Starting this week, Oricon Daily

After School starts this week at #10 , I'm not sure whether they closed the week of the debut at #6 or #8 because I've seen some reports saying they've fallen into #8 (and I bet those are from yesterday).

However, the girls are falling slowly, I just wish they could pick up a couple of positions or keep in top 10 for one week more, but the trouble is the amount of new releases every week and the acts being already huge, like Koda Kumi, Kanjani 8, Kuwata Kei or SDN48.

Kiss-My-Ft.2 just re-gained #1, while Kanjani8 descended from 1 to 4, 2PM is at 6,Hapinness went down till #8. SHU-I has also debuted and are picking up in the charts, right now they're at #7.

If anyone has official reports on the actual position for their first week (we know first day they debuted at #6), I would love to know ;D

The girls should be able to expand their now Japanese fanbase after a couple of a-nation, those gums selling, and the Hello Kitty collabo (though those won't come out until September)... shame the Coming Soon! Performance got cancelled. They will need more TV live performances (haven't done one yet) if they want to keep it up.

Source: Oricon
C: REI @as-afterparty.com