[News] The old video of IU and Thunder singing 'Lies' attracts attention from netizens

Recently, on an online discussion board, there is a post named ' IU and Thunder (MBLAQ) singing Big Bang's Lies' which has attracted attention from the public.

In the video, we can see IU was the one who played the guitar while Thunder introduced their performance by saying, 'today, we are going to play Big Bang's Lies.' Then they started performing the song.

IU started playing the guitar while she was singing. Thunder was there singing the chorus with her. After watching the video, the netizens commented, ' IU has brought out a different side of 'Lies'.' and 'IU and Thunder are really close to each other.'

Menawhile, Thunder has revealed some of the photos that he has taken with IU in the past and he is proud of having met this friend.

Source: sports.donga
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com