[NEWS] Netizens are fascinated with AS Red's solid abs and thin legs

Today's performance of 'In The Night Sky' by A.S Red at Inkigayo,fascinated Netizens.The members solid abs as well as thin legs accompanied with their funky outfits revealed a unique charm,maximizing their sexy performance.After School 's Red 'In The Night Sky' was produced by the Brave Brothers and features an addictive and catchy chorus.

Although many fans wanted both A.S RED & A.S BLUE to promote 'In The Night Sky' & 'Wonder Boy' longer,After School has started Japanese promotions of Bang!.In a recent interview,a small teaser of After School's Japanese single 'Super Sexy' was revealed,leaving fans wanting more.So,continue to support After School in their Japanese promotions till they return to Korea!

Credit,Translations & Shared By:RaNaLi@AS-Afterparty