[NEWS] Moon Hee Jun and Jay Park revives H.O.T’s performance with the song ‘Candy’!

Singer Moon Hee Jun and Jay Park’s perfect revival on the stage together was aired.

On the 3rd, according to KBS, Jay Park had joint performance with H.O.T’s former member Moon Hee Jun, while shooting an Immortal Classics 2.

Moon Hee Jun and Jay Park chose H.O.T’s debut song ‘Candy’ and Moon Hee Jun helped Jay Park a lot.

Moon Hee Jun taught Jay Park his song and dace moves by showing him in person.

On the stage, Moon Hee Jun and Jay Park appeared wearing cute primary colored clothes.

Then they performed Hammer dance and power ranger dance, which are the trademarks of the song ‘Candy’.

Moon Hee Jun said, “I’m doing this again in 16 years. I’m deeply moved.”

The show will be air on the 6th.

Source: Star News

Credit : Korea.com