[NEWS] Moon Geun Young meets her fans after two years!

Moon Geun Young held her 3rd Fan Meeting and met her fans after two and half years at the Art Hall, in Yongdeungpo, Seoul on July 30.

‘Gift’ was the main theme of the event and over 500 fans attended the 3 hour long event. Moon Geun Young, who is well known for her affection towards her fans, worked hard for the event.

After showing the opening video, Moon Geun Young surprised her fans by singing a sweet song called ‘You and I’. She took time to chat with fans, where they asked questions and she answered them honestly. For the speed quiz, Moon Geun Young answered questions,showed off SNSD’s dance steps and did animal imitations.

When Moon Geun Young met her fans 2 years ago, she gave an outrageous performance with an upgraded girl’s hip hop and sexy dance. Moon Geun Young also gave homemade cookies and signed posters for over 500 fans.

Moon Geun Young chose, bought and wrapped the presents for her fans. She even hand wrote cards for the fans joining her onstage.

Meanwhile, to celebrate Moon Geun Young, many celebrities visited the Fan Meeting, including 2PM, Jang Geun Suk, Shin Se Kyung, Moon Chae Won, Lee Yoon Ji, and more. Jang Geun Suk described Moon Geun Young as an iron scrubber, because she makes everything clean through her strong and bold personality. Taek Yeoun made a joke, saying Moon Geun Young is his first love from the drama, Cinderella’s sister. Actor Ryu Deok Hwan showed his respect to Moon Geun Young and said, she is second to none.

At the end of the event, Moon Geun Young showed her appreciation, saying, “I really appreciate my fans and I’m always thankful. I want to express my feelings. Thank you and I love you.”

Moon Geun Young sang a song and played guitar at the end of the event. At that moment, the fans presented her with a surprise card, saying, ‘We will always make you smile’. Moon Geun Young was moved to tears while she was singing.

Source: Newsen from Nate

Credit : Korea.com