[News] Lee Seung Gi has a handsome manager

Lee Seung Gi’s manager recently appeared on a TV program.

On the 21st, in KBS’s Happy Sunday: Two Days And One Night, Lee and Lee Soo Geun went to Japan to meet a baseball player, Park Chan Ho.

Lee’s handsome manager also appeared on the show and attracted many audiences’ attention.

Na Young Suck, a producer of the show, also admired the manager’s look. Lee said, “My manager looks better than me.”

People responded: “He is handsome.” “He’s too handsome to be a manager.” “Who is the star and who is the manager?”

Many celebrities appeared on the show, including, Baek Ji Young, Jun Hyun Moo, Seong Si Kyung, and more.

Source: W Star News from Nate

Translated by dkrogers@korea.com