[News] Lee Hongki, Casted for KBS Chuseok Special “Noriko, Goes to Seoul”

FTIsland’s Lee Hongki has been casted as the main lead for the KBS Chuseok Special “Noriko, Goes to Seoul”.

“Noriko, Goes to Seoul” talks about the story of a lady in her 40s, Noriko, who is captivated by Hallyu star Kim Hyunjae, goes to Korea to take part in auditions. This TV-movie will not only be broadcasted in Korea, but also in Japan.

Lee Hongki plays the role of Minha, a singer-wannabe who met Noriko and is suddenly approached by her to teach her singing.

Lee Hongki has played the role of a Hallyu star in his previous Japanese drama “Muscle Girl”. With this new production, he will be able to firmly secure his career path as an actor.

With Japanese actress Takashima Reiko casted as the female lead, “Noriko, Goes to Seoul” will air on 11 September, at 11.15pm.

Credit: Maxmovie (News) + No Cut News (Pic) + ying1005@withtreasures