[News] Kim Heechul will be enlisting, SJ is reluctant to part and sheds tears on stage

Yes Entertainment reports from Taipei on the 28th of August

Super Junior (SJ) member Kim Heechul will be enlisting on the 1st of September, and as soon as the news was made public, fans were heartbroken, today was Kim Heechul’s last official performance (before his enlistment), not only the fans are unwilling to part, even the members were upset to the extent of shedding tears on stage!

SJ was on <> today to promote their new album <>, but because this will be Kim Heechul’s last official performance before enlisting in the army, the members were all very reluctant to part and they performed with a heavy heart, leader Leeteuk was so upset that he broke down in tears, and he said: “Thank you Heechul for being a member of Super Junior, I love you!” Shindong who has always given the public a very cheerful and happy image also could not hold back his tears.

Kim Heechul would be enlisting with a low-profile, and there will not be an enlisting ceremony, Heechul blew a kiss to the fans during today’s stage as a gesture of thanks to those who have been supporting him throughout all these times, he also promised that he would return in good health! Kim Heechul did not forget the members who were with him throughout this journey, and he said: “I am most grateful to all my members! (he also) expressed his thanks to Leeteuk and all the members gathered together for a group hug on stage, unfortunately Siwon and Donghae were both not present. *

Apart from Kangin who has enlisted in July 2010, there are also rumors saying that leader would be enlisting in October, Kim Heechul has previously tweeted saying: “ SJ will be making a comeback this week, and because this will be the last full length album (before 83 liners enlist), therefore I will be giving my all”. This caused the fans to worry about the changes in SJ in the future, (fans) have no other choice but to wait and anticipate the possible changes!

*Error in article: Donghae was present

SOURCE: news.sina.com.tw | tw.chinayes.com