[News] Kim Heechul sheds tears, “Worried about Super Junior’s Future”

Super Junior’s member Kim Heechul, who will be enlisting soon, ended up showing tears on SBS Strong Heart.

It was the first time for all the members to be on a variety show together, and on Strong Heart, members confessed the stories and hardships of keeping the team Super Junior together.

Especially, because Heechul was soon to enlist, the topic of army was inevitable.

On this day, Kim Heechul said, “Since now the issue of enlisting hit us as reality, all the members are talking and discussing about Super Junior’s future.”

Also, Kim Heechul as well as the other Super Junior members expressed their thanks and apologizes for each other, showing their strong trust for each other. The team ended up shedding tears, creating a touching moment for those around them.

This will be revealed today (30th) through broadcast.

On this day’s episode, Choi Siwon made a surprise phone call with actor Cha Seungwon, showing his connection.

Source: sstv tvreport
Translated by Jee ( www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com )