[NEWS] Kim Goo Ra sent a warning message to G-Dragon

The comedian Kim Goo Ra caught the attention of the audience by sending a warning message to the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon.

On the episode of MBC "Quizzes to change the world" which was aired on 27th, Kim Goo Ra who has not appeared in a TV programme for a long time talked about the golden era of Sung Dae Hyun. (a singer of the rave music group, R.ef which was active in 1990's)

Kim Goo Ra said, "R.ef was really popular in those days." However, Sung Dae Hyun responded, "it is a shame that it was only true a long time ago. Kim Tae Won shii always said that we were as popular as today's G-Dragon."

Kim Good Ra continued, "there was a day that I thought I am more popular than Michael Jackson, G-Dragon should be aware of my popularity, too ." His sentence has attracted people's attention.

Source: TV Daily
Translated by: Rice@bigbangupdates