[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s Chinese fans send 100 meals to the drama set!

On July 30, Kim Jae Joong’s Chinese fans sent 100 meals to the set of SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, Look Out for the Boss in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. The meals were for the crew and the market value of the meals is about 4 million won.
Among those meals, there were vegetable salads and sandwiches rapped with notes, saying, ‘go with you, never stop.’

Chinese President of the fan club, Wang Ruo Ran passed the food to each one of the crew and said, “Take care of Jae Joong.” The crew also said, “Thank you. We will enjoy the meal.”
A official thanked and said, “When we were shooting the drama at Lotte World before, we were surprised because there were so many fans from all over the world. And today, they even came to Paju with the meals. That proves Kim Jae Joong is very popular.”
The drama, Look Out for the Boss‘s first episode will be aired on August 3.

Source: Seoul NTN from Nate

Credit : Korea.com