[News] Han Ye-seul's hair designer "The staff treated her like a slave"

A netizen who seems to be Han Ye-seul's hairstylist posted a writing.

Claiming she is Han Ye-seul's hair staff, she posted words of disappointment on her Twitter on the 17th.

She said, "I just can't believe this situation as someone who has seen her up close and did her hair for a long time. The people who say bad things about her, are you really going to believe what the people who don't even know her say rather than those who are close to her? If that's true, how honest are the people in the entertainment business to make someone work all through the night and stress them out and then write reports to their favor? They kept her up for 2 weeks and when she crawled back home she laid her head to rest on the sofa for a bit and woke up late. She got ready quickly and went on site. If the director did have any common sense, shouldn't he have been shooting a scene which doesn't involve her while waiting? But he didn't and just wasted time and the actress who suffered from this became a rude senseless person in a second. There is no human consideration here".

She continued, "As a woman, isn't it weird to see that she actually managed to stay up 3~4 nights without passing out? This isn't respecting a human as a human but taking advantage of the celebrity title and treating her like a slave, then this happens and they act like they're the victims. I do but I don't get the staff as well. Maybe they didn't have a choice but to sign the statement but how could you do that after having gone through the same pain she did?"

To end she said, "Does being a celebrity mean not being late, not being sick, fainting where there are many people, knowing that the public can turn their backs on her anytime and living the way people want her to live? I learnt through "Spy MyeongWol". If you are too honest, too suppressing and not as mean as the people who treat you like that, you become like Han Ye-seul. Do you really think she did this because she was just tired?"

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul who left for America after refusing to cooperate with the KBS 2TV drama "Spy MyeongWol" expressed she will return to Korea soon.

Source: NATE

Translated by hancinema.net