[News] G-Dragon gives a special present to Park Seung Il

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and a singer Sean recently visited a former basketball coach, Park Seung Il.

On the 22nd, Sean tweeted pictures with the comment, “GD was a special present for Park. GD wanted to do something nice for his birthday so I took him to Park’s house.”

On the same day, Park also wrote a note on his website with the caption, “A special present from GD.”

He said, “Few days ago, Sean visited with GD. GD hold my hand all through the visiting. Usually, men don’t like holding other men’s hands, but GD was different. His hands were warm and I can feel his warmth through his text message.”

“Whenever he took pictures he was holding my book, looks like he was promoting it even though I didn’t tell him to do. He said he will write a review online after he read the book,” he added.

Park also thanked GD, saying, “He wrote a song for me and he said he will put my name as a writer.”

Park started his career as a basketball player in 1994 and he was selected for the youngest coach in 2002. Park, however, has been suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease for eight years since 2003.

Sean has been supporting Park after he read Park’s book ‘Writing A Hope with Eyes’ and building a nursing home for people suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease since November, 2009.

Source: TV Daily from Nate

Translated by dkrogers@korea.com