[NEWS] Even Freckles Suit Infinite's L

The most handsome members from the hottest idol groups gathered together.

In lifestyle magazine "Singles" September issue, there will be a feature with them wearing makeup called "The new males have come."

Infinite's L, Ze:A's Dongjoon and B14A's Gongchan were selected as the best looking and romantic out of flower-boy idol groups by nuna fans. In the feature, they showed off their purity and sexiness, and also their delicate manly charisma.

Filmed in August in a studio in Kangnam, Infinite's L looked good in freckles. His cute smile and sexy smoky eyeliner showing off a contrasting look.

Ze:a's Dongjoon showed a pure yet tough manly image after just getting out of the shower. B14A's Gongchan showed off his genuine charisma and his mature male face.

People at the feature filming said, "All 3 boys had fun filming and left a positive impression. They are becoming professional models. They are lacking nothing to be called 'new males.'"

You can see the photoshoot at the Singles homepage (www.thesingle.co.kr) under the Singles September issue.