[NEWS] E-Young’s Pure Charm Shines in Graduation Picture

E-Young’s High School graduation picture is currently receiving favorable attention.

Over the past three days in online community boards netizens have left comments about E-Young’s graduation picture. Her Neat and pristine appearance along with eye-catching immaculate skin caught their attention. Many feel E-Young gives off an innocent charm and were pleased to have proof of her natural beauty.

While promoting with After School’s sub unit AS Blue, E-Young was able to show off her pure and youthful charm. Because of this she has started receiving positive attention from netizens who left comments like, “innocent look…too pretty”, “cute since childhood” and“Graduation picture daebak! (jackpot!)” among other glowing reactions.

Source: Paran + Paran + paran Trans: AfterSchoolDaze
Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ as-afterparty