[NEWS] E-Young Impresses Netizens with Her Doll-Like Presence

After School’s youngest member E-Young, known to netizens as ‘Twenty’ has become a hot topic due to her cute and innocent appearance. Kahi, U-ie and Nana are always popular search terms because of their enviable bodies and it seems E-Young is on her way to joining them.

In recently released pictures showing a behind the scenes look into the filming of AS Blue’s music video “Wonder Boy” a few pictures of After School’s subunit was released and a picture of E-Young has become popular. E-Young is seen in the picture above with long slim legs covered in tights and flirty wavy hair. Some netizens commented on the impressive ’rear view’ image which they feel is sexy while still being cute. But, what really caught netizens attention was seeing her perfectly proportioned body which made many of them compare her to a doll.

When After School’s teasers were released for their first full album ‘Virgin’, E-Young’s teaser image also resembled that of a doll. Since debuting with After School E-Young’s presence has been minimal so seeing new pictures of her caused excitement. Netizens left comments in online community boards like, “cute little freshman“, “Twenty’s presence is getting larger” and “Twenty I didn’t know you were this beautiful…I look forward to your future appearances“. Some netizens even expressed feelings toward After School as a whole calling the group ‘body terminators’ while leaving comments like “…they are in good shape…how about envy” when commenting on their attractive physiques.

E-Young has been able to show off her cute and vivacious charms while promoting with AS Blue. Hopefully she will continue to receive attention in the future with After School’s upcoming promotions in Japan.

Source: Paran + asiatoday Blurb: ASD
Credits + Shared: Iceprinceafterschool @as-afterparty