[News] ‘City Hunter’ actors admit they are engaged in a real-life romance

Actor Lee Min-ho, 24, and actress Park Min-young, 25, confirmed yesterday that they are dating.

The two appeared as costars in “City Hunter,” a popular drama series on SBS that ended early last month.

In the show, Lee played Lee Yoon-sung, a secret agent planning revenge on the government, while Park played Kim Na-na, a bodyguard at the Blue House. The two characters fall for each other even though Yoon-sung was warned not to fall in love.

Now this fictional love story has become a real one.

Lee’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, and Park’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, said in a joint statement that it has been just over a month since the stars’ admitted they were dating and that it would be inappropriate to reveal further details about their private lives.

Local media have reported that the two stars met five years ago while shooting a TV commercial together. The two had denied any possibility of a serious relationship until they were spotted together repeatedly on recent outings in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul.

Meanwhile, the popularity of “City Hunter” in Asia has led fans to ask the network for a second season. It is not yet clear whether their request will be granted.

In a recent interview, Lee said he would star in a second season of “City Hunter” if one is made, on the condition that it is totally different from the first.

The drama series ended with an audience share of 18 percent for its last episode.

By Chang Hae-won Contributing writer
Source: Joongangdaily