[News] Boyfriend’s Min Woo and Han Bo Bae turn out to have been old friends

On an online community, a link to a photo was posted with the title: “Childhood faces of Han Bo Bae and Boyfriend’s Min Woo.” In the photo, they look like a close brother and sister.

In 2007, the two appeared on Ghost Pang Pang, an old drama series for children that had aired from February, 2007 to September, 2007. In the series, Min Woo, an 11-year-old boy at the time, played Kim Cheol-du, while Han, an 14-year-old girl then, Choi Byeol.

People who saw the photo said: “You’re amazingly cute, aren’t you?” “You’ve grown up well. Your cute faces have hardly changed.”

Source: Star News

Translated by minongzi@korea.com