[NEWS] BIGBANG’s SeungRi watched the musical “Street Life”

Big Bang’s member, SeungRi, ‘observing’ the musical “Street Life” which drew fan’s curiosity.

At August 19 around noon, SeungRi was watching “Street Life” musical at CGV Pop Art Hall in Yeongdeungpo. He kept himself seated and watching the performance through the whole musical, and in the end, before anyone else, he rose and applauding greatly and cheers a lot. The satisfactions of the works were also revealed (exposed).

That day, SeungRi has a tour through the musical theater because of Jeong WonYoung and some of his friends. In 2008, in the musical “Sonagi” where SeungRi have starred, SeungRi obtained Hyung-Dongsaeng relationship with Jeong WonYoung and other friends (I found out that Jeong WonYoung, in google it’s ‘Jang Won Young’, is a band).

After watching the performance, he personally find the waiting room. He told them, “What a really great show”, “It’s a very good musical”.

The news that SeungRi was watching a musical rises the fans’ expectations such as, “If SeungRi will in the musical once again, I’ll definitely watch it”, “I just want to see SeungRi on the stage of musical again”.

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source: enews24 via Nate
translation: @vVIP_6819