[News] Big Bang’s GD and Moon Geun Young show how to smartly beat hostile fans and remarks against them

Do you know what Big Bang’s G-dragon and Moon Geun Young, a Korean actor, have in common? Both of them once severely suffered from hostile remarks and antagonistic fans, but they wisely overcame the negative responses toward them by discouraging themselves from overreacting to them.

The hostile remarks and rumors toward GD and Moon all started for trivial reasons as did for Tablo. The tongues and fingers of an unidentified antagonistic group of people toward such celebrities are strong enough to totally devastate certain famous figures’ lives.

GD and Moon, however, adopted a different strategy: holding their lips tight and only going about their own business. With such a strategy, Moon succeeded in changing her image by proving herself to be a good actor in various drama series and films, while G-Dragon as well showed signs of a rare genius in music by producing a series of his hit songs.

Source: Newsen from Nate

Translated by minongzi@korea.com