[News] B2ST calls for a withdrawal of the legal decision against their songs

Cube Entertainment, B2ST’s agency, announced on August 29 that it filed a lawsuit on August 25 against the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, claiming to withdraw the recent legal decision against B2ST’s song.

In the accusation, Cube Entertainment insists, “The court handed down the decision that B2ST’s ‘On Rainy Days’ from its first regular album might be harmful to teenagers only because of the single passage of the lyrics: ‘I feel tipsy. I think I should stop here.’ But it has nothing to do with glamorization and encouragement of drinking. It is just a farewell song of a couple in a romantic relationship.”

In addition, president of Hong Seung Seong of the agency says, “I believe that it’s necessary for the court and related authority to give careful attention to the trends of public opinion. The opinions of fans, as well as music professionals, should be widely gathered to make a better environment for both singers and music lovers.

Earlier, the Seoul Administrative Courtoverturned the prior court decision in favor of SM Entertainment who insisted in its recent petition that the song from the project album SM The Ballad never be viewed harmful to teenagers.

By Park Yeong-ung

Source: Star News (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Star News
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com