[NEWS] After School’s U-ie falls in love with Doojoon in All My Love

on the recent episode of MBC's Daily Sitcom "All My Love" After School U-ie made a surprise appearance as butler Kim’s (played by Jung Ho Bin) little sister, Yoo Jin.

In the episode, Yoo Jin meets a gang of bad guys on the way to meet her big brother, and DooJoon who happens to pass by, saves her.

Yoo Jin quickly falls in love with Doojoon who saves her with his judo skills and asks for his phone number saying, “I want to treat you for saving me,” but Doojoon leaves replying, “It’s not that of a big deal.

they meet again through butler Kim, and Yoo Jin shows particular affection to Doojoon by treating him nice. She danced to "In The Night Sky" and asks him out, but Doojoon refuses saying, “I don’t plan on having a girlfriend at the moment.”

When Saet Byul (played by Yoon Seung Ah) and director Lee (played by Jin Yi Han) say Yoo Jin and Doojoon look good together,

Doojoon gets upset, making viewers curious of where his heart really lies.

meanwhile U-ie is busy with 2 Drama's "Okagkyo Brothers" and "Birdie Buddy" and After School's Debut in Japan

Source: TVreport
Translations & Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ as-afterparty