[News] After School Lizzy is a Sleeping Beauty

After School’s sub unit AS Blue recently released behind the scenes pictures from their “Wonder Boy” music video shoot. The above picture of Lizzy from this session has caught netizens attention. Lizzy is seen looking serene and comfortable in bed. Even though she is laying down her enviable ‘S’ line is still visible.

Once netizens saw Lizzy’s picture they uploaded it onto online community boards and comments left included, ”You look pretty like sleeping beauty”, “Sleeping appearance just like an angel” and “Lizzy you’re so cute I want to bite you!”

The music video was filmed in such a friendly atmosphere the members of AS Blue were relaxed and well rested. According to a pledis official the members of AS Blue would take a break every hour and rest. 

During these breaks they would enjoy quality moments together as a group talking pleasantly and enjoying each others company.

Source: tvdaily + Paran Blurb: ASD
Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @as-afterparty