[News] 8Eight’s Lee Hyun confesses, “I fell in love with SES’s Yoo Jin when I was 17”

Recently in M. net’s Sound Plex, 8Eight’s Lee Hyun confesses his love for SES’s Yoo Jin as a fan.

The hostess of the show, Park Kyung Lim, said, “Well, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but I heard that Lee Hyun is a huge fan of SES’s Yoo Jin. He even collected about 600 pictures of her.”

Hearing this, another member of 8Eight, Joo Hee, added, “Can I add to that? Even his e-mail address includes Yoo Jin’s name.”

Lee Hyun replied, “That was exactly when I was 17. I was a huge fan of Yoo Jin and I had to make an e-mail by that time. She got married recently, and I want to make sure that I liked her as a big fan of her.”

Source: Mydaily from Nate

Translated by Hannah@korea.com