Name KPopmart's mascots and win some really cool KPop goodies!

First of all,i would like to thanks for giving DKPOPNEWS the opportunity to help in promoting their new mascots!

We have formed official partnership with and this is the very first event of our collaboration,KPopmart has been working hard towards their ambition to provide the cheapest KPop albums in the planet,they are indeed selling them in cheapest price already.To celebrate their achievement for providing the lowest price KPop CDs,they have created 2 lovely mascots to celebrate their success. You can see KPopmart's mascots in the banner above,they are quite adorable right??

However,we have been trying hard to name these mascots,unfortunately we are running out of idea already,so we sincerely ask for your help to name them.In return,you will have opportunity to win some really cool KPop goodies,check out HOW TO PARTICIPATE in this event!

You can either send us your suggestion on Twitter or Facebook (Preferably Twitter)

Submission on Twitter - Mention @dkpopnews together with hash tag #Kpopmartmascots,the names you are giving for male and female mascot and reason briefly

Example for Twitter
@dkpopnews #Kpopmartmascots [Billy/Marry] Because the names suit them very much

Submission on Facebook - On your page,mention @Daily K Pop News KPopMart Mascots Naming Event,write down the names for the mascots and reason

Example for Facebook
@Daily K Pop News KPopmart Mascots Naming Event ,Billy and Marry,because the names suit them very much

We will select 16 participants with the best names,each participant will receive one of the goodies listed below,after that we will have an online poll for DKPOPNEWS' readers to vote for the best name,the person who contributed the names with most votes,he/she will win an autograph album of Boyfriend,so what are you waiting for??

Prizes that we are giving away are:

1. Super Junior's Mr Simple Version A
2. Super Junior's Mr Simple Version B
3. SNSD's Hoot Album
4. SNSD's Japanese Genie
5. SHINee Lucifer  Version A
6. SHINee Lucifer Version B
7. BEAST - Lights Go On Again
8. MBLAQ First Full Length Album
9. 2PM - Still 2PM Album
10. 2PM - Hands Up
11. 2 X SNSD's Hoot Posters
12. 2 X Teen Top's Posters
13. 2 X HITT's 1st Mini album Posters

This event will end on 11st September

Please submit one suggestion per person (On Facebook & Twitter),spammers will be disqualified,we promise that we will take time to read every single submission on Facebook and Twiter,hwaiting!


Winners of this round are
1.)Mercedes Carter on Facebook
2.)Ingrid Key Kim on Facebook
3.)Happy HappyKitty on Facebook
The other winners are Twitter users

Check out the prizes you win on KPopmart's official Facebook Page

You have to register to become an official user on and claim you prize within 7 days,if not we will have to disqualify your winning.

1. Just check out which prize the winners get at face book page

2. Register an account and let us know your email address registered at

3. Then we verify if you are the right one and ship your prize to registered address within 7 days.