[Me2Day] DARA: "^.^ I've now become close with Dadoong~!"

굿모닝!!!!! ^.^ 나 이제 다둥이랑 친해졌어요~!!! 야옹~ 야옹~!!! 조만간 다둥이를 숙소로 데려와볼 예정이에요! 지금 너무 아기라서~ 잘 돌봐줘야되요! 캬~!!! 좋은하루 보내세요~!^^/

Good morning!!!!! ^.^ I've now become close with Dadoong~!!! Yahoo~ Yahoo~!!! Sooner or later, I'm planning on taking Dadoong with me to our apartment! Since he's just a baby right now~ we have to take care of him well! Kya~!!! Have a nice day~! ^^

헉!!! 0.0 무엇이 채린이손이고 무엇이 다둥이손인가?!? +.+ 꺄~~~!!! 귀엽귀엽!!! 귀여워~~~~~!!!!!! 므마쟟휴저베캬휴저배마튜포바마킻ㅎㅈㅎㅍ부태애접ㅍ며�
�라차!!!! 귀여워!ㅠ.ㅠ 쓰담쓰담! *.*

Gasp!!! 0.0 Which ones are Chaerin's hands and which ones are Dadoong's hands?!? +.+ Kya~~~!!! Cute cute!!! So cute~~~~~!!!!!! Aaw;eoifajw;oeifjaw;eofiajw;eofijawoefijawe;oifjawehawoefhioh!!!!! So cute!ㅠ Pet pet! *.*

Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com
Source: Dara's Me2day