[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ on B-pass Magazine (Aug Issue)

110627 [INTERVIEW] MBLAQ on B-pass Magazine (Aug Issue)

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personal issue

G.O (ジオ)

Q. When did you begin to take an interest in music?
A. “When my father hosted parties at home, or when he took me out somewhere, he would always let me sing in front of people. I think it was about first or second grade, the adults will always say “you’re so young, yet you sing so well”, and applaud for me so I think it somehow became my habit and made me like to sing.”

Q. During your school days what kind of child are you?
A. “I was really a prankster. I love to fool around and make jokes. I think some kids even hate me because I took it too far (laughs).”

Q. You have a good sense of humor as a child, so you were certainly popular weren’t you?
A. “I was popular with the girls. I mean for girls, fundamentally, it’s not that they dislike humorous guys right? But for the guys, some of them were really angry at my jokes. Even now, I still love to fool around (laughs).”

Q. Even during this interview, you were making funny faces and fooling around with the other members right (laughs). By the way which artist do you like G.O-san?
A. “From the past, I like Justin Timberlake. Lately, I’m really into Bruno Mars who was featured in the Times magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World”. If it’s a Japanese person, I like Mika Nakashima-san. Park Hyo Shin-san sang a cover of her song called “Yuki no Hana”. I like voices like Mika Nakashima-san’s, her singing is even more powerful than me. I really like her delicate singing that has a hint of femininity.”

Q. Now, you’ve recorded your self-composed and self-written song, “Modorenai” in the special edition of MBLAQ’s 1st Korean album, “BLAQ STYLE” am I right.
A. “Yes, it was included in the special album. I made the song as a present for all the fans. About making songs, I have been studying from composers, and also learning on my own. Even though the foundation was made in the computer, just like composing through actual musical instruments, I still made it according to my own sense with my full responsibility. I didn’t feel it was hard, it was rather interesting.”

Q. Can you play an instrument?
A. “I played piano a little when I was small. I was able to hit some chords at that time. But after becoming an artist I took up piano again and I think that I will try to make the best out of it for my music.”

Q. What’s your “must item”?
A. “I’d say rings. I always have three on my fingers. This is my favorite brand (Chrome Hearts), my earrings and clothes are also of the same brand, so basically I’m collecting them. Actually, up until now I’ve never stick to one particular brand, but now I’m really having fun doing so. I bought this ring during my previous visit to Japan, this time I bought an earring and a T-shirt (wide smile).”

Q. What is memorable for you in Japan?
A. “2~3 years ago I visited Japan with one friend, we went to Harajuku everday. Having visited Harujuku too much, one day suddenly, both me and my friend fell ill so our trip ended abruptly. Because of that Harajuku became a very memorable place for me (laughs).”

Q. Well then, G.O-san the “Love Master”! What would you do if you have a Japanese girlfriend?
A. “I’d be really happy. I’m the type that will really cater to his girlfriend, if I have one. I will give her presents, take her to the movies, and go shopping with her. I will actively do a lot for her.”

Q. All of the fans are eagerly waiting for you to do that with them (laughs). Lastly, what do you think about this thought, “I’m lucky to be apart of MBLAQ”.
A. “We have the best teamwork so we really understand each other well. Sadness or happiness, the five of us will go through it together. That is what MBLAQ is proud of.”

Cheondung (チョンドゥン)

Q. When did you begin to take an interest in music?
A. “When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I really liked Fin.K.L, a four member girl idol group that was active in the latter half of the 1990s (they are also KARA’s senior). I’ve watched the video of their live performances numerous times. During that time, they were still using cassette tapes, even though it was a cassette tape I listened to them a lot.”

Q. You’ve lived in the Philippines as a child. So you’ve followed your home country’s music through television right?
A. “No, as a child I played games all the time and I rarely watch TV (laughs). I’ve even thought of becoming a game developer when I grow up. But in the year 2004, I saw Rain-hyung’s live performance and that made me made the decision to become a professional artist.”

Q. So Rain-san is the one who changed your destiny. So to speak, which artist have you been listening to lately?
A. “Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Usher for instance. Basically, I like western music.”

Q. What about Japanese artists?
A. “Namie Amuro-san! Even though she has an idol-ish image, I never knew that she could dance so well. When I saw her cola CF that was even broadcasted in Korea, I thought she was really cute and dances very well, who is she? Thinking that way, I was very surprised when I heard that she was Namie Amuro-san.”

Q. In the special edition of MBLAQ’s 1st Korean album, “BLAQ STYLE”, your self-composed and self-written song, “You” was included. I’ve heard that you really tried your best in making the song.
A. “That’s right, I’ve visited a composer’s house to observe how things are done and was also taught about music composition. Firstly, I get the base melody and then from that foundation I started practicing making new melodies. Gradually, from recording to the creation of the melody, starting from the basics, I practiced those things again and again.”

Q. You’re very enthusiastic in your studies aren’t you!
A. “If you really want to make a good music when you think of it, it is very hard, but this also shows that the work in the field of music composition itself have become this tough. At first all I can do was follow the way of the music composer, but now being able to use my song in this album made me very happy.”

Q. In the next album will you be actively producing music as well?
A. “Probably not in the next one. I’m making a lot of music right now, but I just want to release all of them at the same time (laughs), in the next next album, there might be a lot Cheondung’s products in it.

Q. We will look forward to it! Now then, what about your “must item”?
A. “iPod, rings, and PSP. I play games and watch movies on my PSP. I also have the anime “One Piece” in here.

Q. By the way, you already know English, Philippines, won’t learning Japanese be easier for you?
A. “Actually, I’m the only one who can’t read katakanas*, and I also make a lot of mistakes when I read hiraganas. Even though I’m slower at writing, my listening and speaking are on the better side. Speaking is easier to me, so my opportunity to read and write is much lesser. Even though it’s tough, I’m having a lot of fun learning.”

*katakana = Japanese alphabet (usually used to write English-derived words or sometimes used for stylization)
*hiragana = main Japanese alphabet

Q. So that means in Japan, we might see Cheondung-san do a lot of MC-ing on stage in the future.
A. “That’s right! But I will learn to write properly too, because by all means I think I would love to write a Japanese song too.”

Q. Pleas keep working on it! Lastly, what do you think about this thought, “I’m lucky to be apart of MBLAQ”.
A. “We get along really well, and more than anything we’ve got RAIN-san as our senpai so I’m truly happy. Also MBLAQ’s music, is the style of music that I’ve always been listening to, so I feel completely happy to be able to sing in this group.”

Joon (ジュン)

Q. As a child, when did you begin to take an interest in music?
A. “My mum was composing music at home, so my house had always been overflowing with music. While listening to my mum’s piano, I naturally started to like music.”

Q. Your mum is a university professor teaching music composition right. So you liked classical music as a child am I right?
A. “Not really, I love idols like normal kids do. I like H.O.T (Korean’s pioneer voice idol group), Fin.K.L, Shinhwa for instance.”

Q. How were you normally as a child?
A. “I was the type that doesn’t study and goes outside to play all the time. Because of that I have a lot of friends.”

Q. When did you start to have genuine interest in music?
A. “That happened when I was 21 years old. At first my goal was to become an actor, so I went to get an audition at various places, but when I was receiving an audition at my present company, Jihoon-hyung (Bi/RAIN’s real name) made me an as artist. At first, I was told that “try doing it and if you like it you can just continue”, but I did enjoy it after I tried, so this is how I turned out (laughs).

Q. That really sounded like it’s not really your business (laughs). By the way who is your favorite artist?
A. “It’s Mariah Carey. I heard it because of Galaxy. Ah, it’s a cell phone!”

Q. Are? A little earlier, didn’t you stop using your cell phone?
A. “Actually this time, before coming to Japan I bought one again. Even though I’ve declared that I can live without a cell phone, but obviously it was really inconvenient (laughs).”

Q. That’s so you, Joon-san (laughs). What about Japanese artists?
A. “I like m-flo. Even though I always listen to their live songs from my mp3, I always see a really fun image of them performing on stage! But even though I listen to them a lot, I don’t really know their faces.”

Q. Since you’ve debuted in Japan, you will be able to meet them in real person eventually. Now then, Joon-san frequently appears in dramas and variety shows in Korea, but what do you think about variety shows and dramas in Japan?
A. “It sounds interesting to me. As for me, no matter what program it is, I’ve never felt nervous, but obviously in Japan the language barrier is quite high for me, so I think it’s still too early for me to do so.”

Q. Have you been watching Japanese programs?
A. “I don’t have a television in my room. But I have my internet in my room so I can watch anything there is to watch”

Q. For Joon-san, you have one more specialty which is dancing right?
A. “Yes. Even though I’m dancing as an artist, from ninth grade up until the time I turned 20 years old I had been taking dance lessons. So I’m also interested in Japanese dancers, especially the male ballet dancers are so skillful! Not only that it seems that there is an enormous selection of other genre of dances too, so someday I think that I should show the dance that I’ve learnt too.”

Q. On the 7th of May at Akasaka BLITZ, even though it’s a debut anniversary event, because you really dance with all of you have during the last song, “Your Luv”, you’ve left a strong impression.
A. “It was our debut song so we’ve practice abundantly, so I felt that I wanted to show it properly. Also, it’s the last song already so I felt that I should dance and exhaust all of my remaining energy.”

Q. I’ve really felt that vigor! So what is your “must item”?
A. “I always bring a polaroid picture that I took together with my friend with me.”

Q. Is that a friend from your home town?
A. “Nope, he is an artist friend. It’s a picture I took with Onew (SHINee). I have Onew as my only friend (laughs).”

Q. Your level of closeness is of a couple (laughs). Lastly, what do you think about this thought, “I’m lucky to be apart of MBLAQ”.
A. “Basically, the five of us get along very well, so we are able to laugh through everyday with lots of fun. I’m happy.”

Seungho (スンホ)

Q. When did you begin to take an interest in music?
A. “Since I’ve started learning piano from around 6~7 years old, I’ve listened to various genre of music without any distinction. I also like to sing to myself as a child.”

Q. What’s the reason that made you start learning piano?
A. “During kindergarten, my teacher would play a kindergarten song on the piano for us everyday. I remembered that melody naturally and so I’ve started playing the melody at the piano in my house. Because of that my parent thought that I have a talent in playing the piano so they sent me to a piano school. I’ve continued to play for about 10 years I believe.”

Q. Are you still playing now?
A. “After becoming an artist, I haven’t played, but very recently, I’ve started taking jazz piano lessons.”

Q. What genre of music have you been listening?
A. “During my school days, it was pretty much western songs, I loved Michael Jackson. If it’s J-POP, I think its X-JAPAN. For me, opposed to finding new artists to listen, I am the type that listens to artists from the past and stick with them.”

Q. What about the present?
A. “I like MAROON 5 a lot.”

Q. Now in the special edition of MBLAQ’s 1st Korean album, “BLAQ STYLE”, you’ve recorded your self-composed instrumental score “Sad Memories” and is also apart of the piano performance am I right.
A. “That’s right, but the recording was more troublesome then I’ve expected. During the actual recording, even the crackling sounds of the piano pedal were being picked up, so I must be really cautious during the recording. When we record it again, it was really hard to make it blend with the song, so from mid-way into the song things were very hectic. But after we’ve successfully recorded it, I felt really satisfied and accomplished.”

Q. And what about the composition process?
A. “Sometimes when I play on the piano, I will a play a song that I already know, and from that, I will try playing a different melody. I was thinking that composing songs this way is pretty interesting too. Actually when I was making the song, I knew that the leading track is going to be “Cry”, so I have an image of a melody that is connected to “Cry” while making the song. So “Sad Memories” and “Cry” uses the same chord. Because “Cry” is a song that expresses sadness, “Sad Memories” is also a melody that can bring tears to the listeners. This story, I don’t really have that much chance to talk about it so this is something that only the members knew.”

Q. What a precious story! Based on that, which song line-up would be interesting to listen to?
A. “Actually when I was listening to them in my car I line them up this way. “Sad Memories” --> “Cry”--> “Stay” ……I arranged them this way.

Q. Now, what is Seungho-san’s “must item”?
A. “I will decide on the gadget that I will bring with me each day. Today is my PSP. The things that will make me feel uneasy if I don’t have them are my cell phone and my iPod. If we are going to be out for a long period of time I will definitely bring my notebook with me.”

Q. You seem to be a mecha-mania aren’t you (laughs)?
A. “Yes, I also went to see many things in Japan you know! Like Ikebukuro’s big camera, Shibutani and Akihabara’s YAMADA Denki…actually this PSP, I bought it in Shibutani’s YAMADA Denki (laughs).”

Q. Lastly, what do you think about this thought, “I’m lucky to be apart of MBLAQ”.
A. “The first two that became apart of MBLAQ was me and Joon. Regarding the criterions of the other members, Jihoon-hyung said that their true ability is also important, but if they are not a good human being then it’s an NG too. And the other three that joined us later are really good guys just as Jihoon-hyung said. We have a relationship that even surpasses the feeling of a family. We are the kind of friends that can openly talk to each other just like childhood friends. And that is MBLAQ’s good point.”

Mir (ミル)

Q. When did you begin to take an interest in music?
A. “Since I was small I often watch performances of artists such as RAIN-san and g.o.d-san so I was always wondering how would it feel to be able to sing on the stage. During high school I’ve started to think that I want to be the one on stage rather than the one who’s watching, so I decided to begin pursuing my dream of becoming a singer.”

Q. What kind of child were you?
A. “I think that I was always happy-go-lucky, very naïve, and was always the kid that stands out.”

Q. Where did your perfect charm come from, Mir-san? Did it come naturally?
A. “That’s not it, since I was a child, I wasn’t completely charming. After becoming MBLAQ’s maknae I decided to try hard, so I think because of that I became charming (laughs).”

Q. What about artists that you like?
A. “I like RAIN-san, Dok2-san (pronounced Tokki/a Korean rapper).”

Q. In the special edition of MBLAQ’s 1st Korean album, “BLAQ STYLE”, you’ve had a part in the production of the lyrics in two songs, so how did you do it?
A. “When I thought of something I quickly note it in my mobile’s memo. When I think, I will do it! and start writing the lyrics I will always sit at a desk and write them down earnestly.”

Q. Have you had any experiences with any musical instrument? Do you have a musical instrument that you want to take on?
A. “I can play all of the Samul Nori (a Korean traditional percussion, has four types of instruments). The instrument that I want to take on would be the DJ’s turntable.”

Q. In the Japanese debut song “Your Luv”, you’ve recorded your rap in Korean. In the next time, will it be possible for you to rap in Japanese?
A. “That’s right, even though I did my rap in Korean this time, a Japanese single is something that we want to send to the Japanese fans so I definitely want to challenge myself with a Japanese rap next time.”

Q. This time, I believe that they are very worried about your physical condition while having their activities in Japan, how did the other members support you?
A. “When I was injured, the other members were always contacting me. This time also, they called me frequently and were really worried about me, so I was very thankful to them.”

Q. Seungho-san have said that “I bully Mir to kill time”, do you have anything to say to him?
A. “It’s more like we both bother each other you know. Using puns to joke at each other, something of that sort.”

Q. And why did you cut your hair? Next time, if you can change your hairstyle again, what kind of hairstyle would you like experiment with?
A. “I cut my hair on a whim (laughs). And I want to try the crew cut look once.”

Q. During your stay in Japan, do you have anything that has made you surprised or have you made any new discovery?
A. “It’s that the food here really suits my taste more than I could’ve imagine, everything was really delicious.”

Q. What’s your “must item” in your daily life?
A. “A novel, MP3 player, and my cell phone.”

Q. What made you feel glad to be apart of MBLAQ?
A. “I’m always thankful to be able to get acquainted to the MBLAQ members, so I’m really grateful.”

Q. In the present time, what kind of activity are you doing? Please tell us your condition.
A. “Recently, we are preparing for our album and live event in Korea so we are very busy each day. We will return to Japan soon so please wait for us.”