[INT] ZE:a K-Rush Vol. 1 Summer 2011, Triple Talk Interview

Who is the most mischievous among them?
ZE:A’s trustful oldest team

Q: What kind of person Kevin is?
Kwanghee: A person that is like a father. He’s manly, and he’s like both older brother and friend to me.
Siwan: And then, because Kevin comes from overseas his music skill is prominent among us, he’s also good in dance!
Kwanghee: He won’t betray so I trust him. When I have trouble, he’s a valuable friend to discuss about it.
Siwan: We can really rely on him, right.Even if the surrounding doesn’t help him, he himself will keep moving, such a reliable eldest in ZE:A.

Q: What is Kevin’s charming point?
Kwanghee: Because Kevin is older, looks like he can’t do any prank, right? But he’s more mischievous than I thought.
Kevin: (laugh).
Kwanghee: Because it’s in magazine there’s nothing I can show you, but in variety show in TV, Kevin and Siwan do a lot of pranks, there are a lot of images that is cuter than the maknaes!
Siwan: (laugh). When we make jokes to each other we really mess around. There’s nothing that we hide, we mess up around while talking various thing and laughing but, if there’s a job that he can’t be defeated in, silently in order to be number one, he will exhaust himself and work very hard to be best in everything, I think that image of Kevin is charming~

Q: What is Kwanghee’s character?
Siwan: As everyone already knew, he’s bright and interesting guy, but inside he’s not only amusing, I think that he’s a person that consider his own values.
Kevin: Yeah. He always looks amusing, he constantly gives laughter to everyone, but actually there are things that he is weak at it. There are a lot of things where he shows his tears to, and he’s very kind when facing other people, friends and family, he’s a person that you can’t search for enemy.
Siwan: I think that both Kwanghee and Kevin have parts that have to be accomplished as the older. They are friends that can make you feel relieved.

Q: Things that you respect from Kwanghee?
Siwan: He might not show it on the surface, but actually he’s doing very well. (T/N: He doesn't brag of what he does)
Kevin: That’s true. It’s difficult to tell the word ‘love’ to man, but Kwanghee can express his affection to man.
Siwan: Among the older too, he watches over the younger members specially, he always tell them ‘well done’.
Kevin: He’s in charge of laughter and there are a lot of pranks, he is a type of person that give his all in love.

Q: Siwan’s character is?
Kevin: Siwan, he is very calm and steady, I think there are so many part of him that become exemplary.
Kwanghee: True True! Siwan looks cute but he’s also wise.
His physicality is short but he has a deep insight and the way he thinks inside is deep!
Kevin: On the other hand, he‘s also clumsy right? (laugh)
That kind of feature is very humane, that’s why it’s cute.
Kwanghee: He is a friend that you can feel his charm the more you know him. He is smart, and his fashion sense is also good.

Q: Siwan’s secret that only members know about it
Kwanghee: To be honest, Siwan has a lot of aegyo! He doesn’t show it in TV, so you must have think that he doesn’t have aegyo, right!? But in front of us he acts like a child!! It’s very lovely (laugh)
Kevin: and then his clumsiness too (laugh). I think if there’s kid like this among his friends he will be popular.
Siwan: (blush)

ZE:A’s supporting pillars!
Kindly protects (!?), center team!

Q: Your impression as Junyoung’s brother?
Heechul: Even his appearance is cool……
Taehun: He’s calm down….. He has father-like impression.
Heechul: Yeah. He’s manly.

Q: How do you feel about Junyoung usually?
Heechul: I think audiences saw that he’s very manly. He is a person that knows when he should appear and when he should not!
Taehun: Yeah. Later, when there are only us, he will have the scary father image…..
That type of father won’t show his emotion in front of his children right? Junyoung hyung is also like that type. He takes care of us a lot but he doesn’t show his feeling. (laugh)
Heechul: All of us love Junyoung hyung very much.
Taehun: Yeah. Junyoung hyung, he has natural charisma to lead the members just like a father.
Heechul: That’s right! Maybe because he has leader charisma, the 8 of us can’t despise his existence (laugh).

Q: Your impression as Taehun’s brother?
Heechul: When I first met him, I thought he’s very manly but…
Junyoung: That’s right (laugh). Taehun and I were friends since high school. I invited Taehun to work together with me.
Heechul: As I know him little by little, the atmosphere changed….he is a kind person.

Q: What kind of person Taehun is?
Junyoung: He has the most perseverance among the 9 of us, he is very patient and the way he think is deep, he has motherly character.
Heechul: Yes! He’s like mother (laugh). His appearance looks manly but different from that, his character is delicate, and he is also full of attention, he takes care of people well.
Junyoung: He works his very best no matter what, and he has perseverance, he has the ability to convey people, he’s that kind of person.
Heechul: It’s not only from our point of view as man, he has woman’s character and thinks well like a mother, I think he is such an attentive friend! I compliment him too much huh(laugh)
Taehun: (blush)

Q: Your impression as Heechul’s brother:
Because Heechul came from Jeju, at the beginning he used his dialect. His character is bright, and after he’s getting used with standard language he can speak very well.
Taehun: Heechul’s characters are gentle and vigorous so it won’t take time to befriend with him.
Junyoung: Yeah. I befriended him in a day. He owns that kind of friendly charm.

Q: Heechul’s gap?
Junyoung: Heechul has double personality (laugh).When his mood is good he will be very nice but when his mood isn’t good, it will be mixed up emotion. When he greets everyone with his self-introduction “I am bad guy Heechul,”he himself will turn into an arrogant type (laugh).
Taehun: If you look from his outward appearance, he looks very cold isn’t he? But the truth is he’s not like that, I really think he is warm person.
Junyoung: That’s true. Stranger might not feel Heechul’s warm heart at first. Maybe it’s because his appearance looks sharp. But once you know him, he’s cautious person, really a passionate man!

Sweet and smart personality!
ZE:A’s strongest maknae team!

Q: What kind of person Minwoo is?
Dongjun: He is skillful in dance and his character is like B-type guy! He is the member that has the closest character with me.
Hyungshik: Minwoo resembles Dongjun but he is a little bit calmer and nicer guy compared to Dongjun!
Dongjun: I’m nice! (laugh)

Minwoo’s “This is the only thing I want to say”!!
Minwoo: Because we always wanted to discuss for any advices to correct each other since a long time ago, there’s no more bad mood time from now on, the 9 of us get along very well.
We, 9 men spend time together, but I think until this day we spent it without any quarrel. This is the thing I solely want to brag about. Usually we carefully fix each other to be even better. Because we always do thing like that, I can’t find any part of you that I want to change! I hope we will stay always like this and will never change!

Q: What kind of person is Hyungshik?
Dongjun: I can’t understand anything except Hyungshik’s huge height.
Minwoo: (laugh). Hyugshik is very kind, he always think about the older members for sure. In work too, he will be serious in it, he is a very diligent kid.
Dongjun: Ahaha! The thing I said before was only a joke (laugh). Originally he’s older than me and I’m the youngest one but I feel that Hyungshik’s personality and his aegyo too, look more like maknae than I am.

Q: Hyungshik’s “This is the only thing I want to say”!
Hyungshik: It would be good if Dongjun didn’t take my prank seriously. When I did a prank on him, he counterattacked me while saying “Do you want to die?”. (cry)
Dongjun: I treat his prank seriously. (laugh)
Hyungshik: Even though I put a prank on Dongjun, after all I felt guilty and apologized “Sorry I put a prank on you”. …It will be repeated like that…(laugh)

Q: What kind of person Dongjun is?
Hyungshik: He has manly personality, anyhow he is strong!
That’s why even though he is younger than me, he looks like an older brother.
Minwoo: That’s right. Dongjun is manly like everyone knows, he is the youngest but he’s getting along well with the older, he is vigorous.
Hyungshik: And then, he takes care of other members, he doesn’t really have aegyo but, to be honest I know that he casually worries about us. Dongjun’s character is like that!

Dongjun’s “This is the only thing I want to say”!
Dongjun: The things I want to learn from Minwoo and Hyungshik is….looking very cute! I am the maknae but do I frankly strong? (laugh)
But these two look good to give cute feeling, right. That’s why sometimes I give up this standup point as the youngest to them.
Minwoo: Dongjun looks cute too, you know? (laugh)
Dongjun: (blush)

Source: K-Rush Magazine Vol. 1, Summer 2011.
Translation: fetishoney @EmpireChildren | Scans: eijisatoshi @ Ameblo