[INT] ZE:a K-Rush Vol. 1, Summer 2011, Food Interview & Special Off Shot

Junyoung: First of all we want to express our gratitude for the Asia Tour on May. It’s our first public performance in Osaka & Yokohama since the last time we went to Japan, because it’s our first Asia Tour we felt a lot of insecurities, but a lot of fans visited us and because of the warm support that given by everyone we’re able to finish our performance safely. After that, we performed together with DBSK senpai in “Tokyo Legend”, our feelings were taken over by the overwhelmed presence to be together with the center of Hallyu wave in Japan, DBSK senpai. We felt that ZE:A have to work our best even more.

Taehun: In the Japan performance, I really watched the figures of our fans that came one by one while performing. I saw those figures that have always been our strength, so I was worried on how we can please the fans, but I think it became a fun performance until the end.

Dongjun: We haven’t skillful in Japanese yet, but we did MC-ing in Japanese. Even though just a little, we wanted to get closer with our Japanese fans, we wanted to interpret with our own voices so we worked hard.

Minwoo: In order to perform in all regions of Asia, we learn Japanese when we do activity in Japan, if we’re going to other region in Asia, we also have to learn that country’s language. That’s going to be the hardest thing, but from now on because we have serious project in Japan, so we thought that our ability in Japanese must be better compared to last year. But we’re still lack in study though (laugh).

Siwan: Back then, in this time performance, 4 members wore female clothing and did girls group medley but…ever since we practiced it we felt very embarrassed. At first we just wanted to have fun but our fans were very delighted by it, so even though it’s embarrassing we thought to work hard in it. This time’s costumes too were a bit unpleasant, we wore legging, and inside we even wore (female) underwear too. What would it turn to be, we’re worried about that but our fans were pleased by it, so we felt relieved.

Kwanghee: Like what we have done in Korea, we showed an extra ordinary dance while performed girl group’s song. It took around 1 month to practice for our songs but for the girl group songs we only spent two days. Seriously! We performed Kara’s “Jet Coaster Love” and the reaction was very good, we’re also had a lot of fun. From now on we will work hard to show more spectacular girl group dance.

Junyoung: I also wanted to do it, but because we had members that fit female outfit better, I envied them.

Siwan: When I was going to change clothes, the other members said they wanted to embrace me!

Junyoung: We have members that will be cuter than girls when they’re wearing girls outfit. Usually we live as men, so sometimes in my hallucination the members look like girls (laugh).

Siwan: So it’s quite like that, huh. (laugh)

Junyoung: I’m joking! We have male bonding, aren’t we? (laugh)

Kwanghee: I tried to hug Dongjun before. He resembled actress Han Gain sunbaenim a lot. So if Dongjun wears female outfit he will look very cute, and he’ll look like a girl (laugh).

Dongjun: I was also going to do girl group medley this time, but because I performed it in TV several times so this time we considered letting other members to do it. That’s why it’s not true that I want to wear female outfit! If we’re going to perform it again later, I want to make Hyungshik wear female outfit!

Siwan: Should we make the members that haven’t worn female outfit until now to do it later?

Dongjun: It will be Junyoung hyung, Kevin hyung, Taehun hyung, and Hyungshik. (laugh)

Junyoung: We’ve been going to Japan about 10 times, but we haven’t been able to sightseeing. We can’t shop freely. Later if we have extra money, we want to go to sightseeing area in Japan and eat food that we have always wanted to eat until now.

Hyungshik: I want to go to Fujikyu Highland. I heard there’s fastest vehicle in Japan, so I want to ride it. I really like vehicle. It’s my dream!

Kwanghee: Siwan likes to shop very much.

Siwan: If we go to Japan I always want to go shopping and have fun, but our schedule is always busy. Every time we want to have fun, we always unable to do so that’s such a pity (cry). Someday I want to go shopping in Japan!

Kwanghee: If we’re going to shop, then Ginza will be number 1 destination! Omotesando….and then Harajuku! Harajuku, People in Ginza street look a bit cooler than in Shinjuku, aren’t they? It has high class feeling, perhaps it's like Gangnam in Korea. There are so many branded shops here.

Kevin: I like banana cake that a fan once gave me as present. Sponge cake is really delicious. Mochi too, Japanese sweets are very tasty.

Dongjun: When it comes to Japan it has to be Sushi!

All member: Sushi is the best!

Siwan: I heard there’s place that famous with its sponge cake in Japan, but I want to eat sponge cake while soaking in onsen. (T/N:hot spring)

Heechul: Speaking of onsen, I want to go to the onsen that appeared in Iris!

Junyoung: We never went to onsen even once. It’s famous in Japan though…

Heechul: (Staff told him Akita) Ah, Akita! I also want to go skiing. But I also want to go to onsen…….. I love ski!

Kwanghee: I’ve visited Disney Sea! "I want to go I want to go", because I always sing that words I was allowed to go. I kept continue to talk about it in interview so I was able to go Disney Sea Resort, next is Fujikyu (laugh).

Hyungshik: If we go to Fujikyu, we can play ski, get into onsen, and the last is shopping!

Heechul: If we’re speaking about onsen it has to be Akita!

Kevin: I want to get into the onsen along with the monkey. With Japanese monkey.

Heechul: Later you’ll forget about banana cake!

Kwanghee: True true, with yellow color, what is that cake called?

Kwanghee: (Told about Tokyo banana) Ah, is it famous in Japan? It’s really tasty!

Junyoung: We felt grateful to always receive a lot of present all the time. By the way, I often heard from Korean boys that Japanese fans have the image of being considerately faithful. But, perhaps it’s only a different way of thinking. Among the members too, all of us are different. For example, about bringing our girlfriend’s bag, it will be divided into people who are embarrassed to bring his girlfriend’s bag, and people who are willing to bring it, right? It’s also the same in Korea. But still, we’ll do what our girls want. That’s why it’s not always to be like that.

Heechul: It’s also the same with Japanese man, we heard from Korean that Japanese guy are as faithful as the girls. If we go to Japan, I think we hear a lot about Japanese guy, right?

Hyungshik: Perhaps we learn each other?

Siwan: I, just like in ‘Here I Am’ MV, if she’s going to make mistake, I’ll secretly help her without she realized. If I can change something for her like that then I must do that. So she won’t be hurt. I don’t have girlfriend but I will do if I have girlfriend!

Heechul: In the MV, I, Minwoo, and Taehun made cake, but the truth is we can’t make cake. When it comes to cooking it will be Kevin hyung!

Siwan: Kevin, you can make cake??

Kwanghee: Kevin can’t make cake, but he is skillful in making onigiri.
Kevin: I can make cake. I can make anything. I had made steak for everyone.

Heechul: The point is that three people that made cake in the MV can’t make cake (laugh).

Minwoo: If I became an angel that gladly protect someone from above the sky, I want please the person I like with things that she wants. I really like to give surprise present. I want to be a guardian angel that pleases people.

Dongjun: If I were an angel I think I can’t help her secretly. If I’m in a position where I have to give a help, I have to be close to her right?

Siwan: I know, Dongjun will show his power if he’s in street at night. He will protect the girl from any danger that might come at night……… Isn’t his body good? He does a lot of exercise too. Helping people who are frightened, he’s that kind of man.

Dongjun: I always, protect while lending a hand directly.

All members: How manly~ (laugh).

Junyoung: I’m glad that we, ZE:A, can have talk about our current images. I’ll be glad if Japan fans read this interview they will put interest in it. And then, everyone that cheered up to see our song and dance, and is willing to show us their smiling face, I’m very happy!! After that, I have wish for our fans….. There’s one reason why we can’t act freely, by the Japanese fans’ feeling that are willing to love us, they’re came and ride taxi to meet us. And we feel a bit freedom feeling. If we have self-restrain, we will be able to visit a lot of good place in Japan, even go to onsen (laugh). Even if we talk about this thing, we still think about everyone else above our own desire. If you’re able to keep this wish and understand it, I’d be happy. From now on we will work hard!

Taehun: This time’s Asia Tour was really fun. Our fans are always supporting us and protecting us, we’re really happy to know this. We’re really felt grateful. Aishitemasu.

All members: Aishitemasu~!