[INFO] ZE:A Mini Drama&Pictorial Book Premiere, Info of upcoming event in Japan

ZE:A is going to send to you, a love letter clip to feel their sensitivity that is originally delivered to everyone.

The manly members…. And then the warm ones, they will show their various individual charms through clip to everyone. The screening title is “Feeling it….and then loving it (Oboeteru...Soshite Aishiteru)”

This time, it will be the first video debut and it will provide pictorial compilations of it.

Through the pictorial book, you will be able to feel the members’ charm even much more closer, special mini drama and image compilation are combined as a set and sold as limited edition.

Furthermore, at the commemoration of this pictorial launching, we will be holding a screening exhibition to enjoy this pictorial along with ZE:A.
We hope that a lot of people can spend a good time with ZE:A.

This time screening’s ticket is sold as a set with the image pictorial.
Please note that we don’t sell it separately.

Also, the screening of this limited pictorial collection will be given at the venue at the D-Day of the video screening. Please expect it a lot.

1. Screening of the mini drama’s original version
2. ZE:A mini live (5 songs)
3. Behind the scenes of the shooting and unpublished introduction cut plus talk
4. Game with the fans

Picture Pages: 200 pages
Mini drama in 1 piece of DVD (Record times 20 minutes)
Pictures compilation making and members special interview in 1 piece of DVD (record times 60 minutes)

-Participation Award-
1. Special poster of all members Present [/blue]
→Will be given to all visitors when entering the venue.

[b]2. Costumes for shooting (by lottery) present

→ All members’ costume will be given to different person, and it will be drawn at the location.
(It will be drawn in every performance, so in total there will be 18 presents).

3. Group’s photography (Another shot is with everyone who’s attending)
→ Details of this photography is upon determination, we will tell you later.

4. In after dinner, we will invite 5 people in 1 performance by lottery.
→ Details will be announced at the D-day

5. Signed Polaroid photo (enclosed by random members) 90 pieces x 2times, In total there will be 180 pieces for present, decided by lottery
→ It will be included in the limited pictorial book.

6. Signed CD collection of ZE:A (All album that has been released for free) present
→ We will give it to 5 lucky people in each performance

Fan club’s benefit:
1. Available fans club block in front seats
2. Autographed photo (enclosed by a random member) – for all subscribers

Details of such how tickets are generally available and release date will be announced in this page.

Date : October 1st (Sat)
Place : Pacific Yokohama National Hall
Time : 1) Opening at 13.20/Starting at 14.00
2) Opening at 18.20/Starting at 19.00
Price : 16800 yen (Screening ticket ¥8400+Limited pictorial book ¥8400, tax included)
*) Admission for children under 3 years old is not permitted. In addition, children above three years old require tickets.

Kyodo Yokohama Official Website & ZE:A Japan
Translation: fetishoney @EmpireChildren
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