[INFO] MTV ZUSHI FES 11 Live Report of 2PM's Performance at the PALM TREE STAGE

The last performer who decorated MTV ZUSHI FES 11 on the opening day was 2PM. Even before they went onto the stage, excitement and tension was swelling up more than usual at the PALM TREE STAGE. A digital clock showing "1:59" was projected onto a screen, and as everyone in the audience counted down, the 6 members of 2PM gradually appeared on stage! Just as they appeared, the venue seemed to split in two as it was enveloped in loud cheers.
The six men showed up wearing black suits and began performing their new single to be released on August 17, "I'm your man," to the delight of the completely packed PALM TREE STAGE audience. Mid-performance they held their ties in hand and intensely danced the "necktie dance," receiving an uproar of high-pitched "kyaah!" screams from the spectators.
"We're truly glad to be able to play a leading role in MTV ZUSHI FES 11 and to be able to have fun together with all of you," the boys said onstage. With their fierce dance performance and singing, they had captivated the entire PALM TREE STAGE. They then changed into dark clothes and performed their Japan debut single "Take off" and "Hands Up." In response to endless calls for an encore, they came out again and sang "10 out of 10."
Due to their performances that naturally overflow with entertainment, the Zushi Fes brilliantly ended wrapped up in a flood of cheers at the PALM TREE STAGE.

Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org