[DKPOPNEWS Poll] Your favourite debut song!

Debut song marks the beginning of a new group,so it is important to have an awesome debut song which can attract people's attention.

Here are some idol groups and their debuts songs,listen to their debut songs here and select your favourite debut song!

Many thanks to Kittyjae for your tip,besides,thanks for everyone who informed us that Big Bang's debut song is Lalala!

Please note that some of the groups below have undergone some changes in terms of members

2NE1- Fire

2PM - 10 Points Out Of 10

After School - Ah

Big Bang - Lalala

KARA - Break It

SHINee - Replay

Super Junior - Twins

SNSD - Into The New World

SS501 - Warning

TVXQ - Hug

U-Kiss - Not Young

Wonder Girls - Irony